FedEx & UPS Holiday 2020 Shipping Deadline

According to the Fox KTVU news report, in April and May 2020, the online sales figures were 7 percent higher than November and December of 2019. It means there could be unprecedented numbers this holiday season, which is likely to lead to more shipping delays, unplanned issues, and unforeseen costs. 

Nearly 40 percent of holiday shipping occurs in the four weeks leading to Black Friday. Also, 52 percent of Christmas shipments dispatch in the week of Black Friday and during the first two weeks of December.

Despite the shadow of the outbreak, we can expect a surge in online sales, and you need to prepare your eCommerce store for the last-minute shopping rush. While you are thinking about managing shipping an overwhelming number of packages, customers are probably wondering if they will get their items on time for Christmas. This is why FedEx and UPS holiday shipping schedule will help.

More Online Shopping Puts Strain on the Supply Chain

As traditional retail businesses are still struggling to recover from the severe hit of the outbreak, eCommerce sales are breaking all records, and this holiday season, the rush will be back. 

If the peak season of 2020 mirrors any of the past four months, online shopping will be the primary way for consumers to fill up their wish lists. It means eCommerce companies and shippers have to ramp up to manage the rush and ease the strain on the supply chain. 

A report by UPS shows that in March 2020, there was a 70 percent surge in residential package deliveries compared to March 2019. With soaring delivery numbers, both FedEx and UPS have rolled out additional surcharges that may cost sellers a few extra dollars per shipment.

UPS and FedEx Holiday Time Table

As the sales for the holiday season start rising, you need to make sure your eCommerce store is ready to provide shipping solutions so that customers get their packages by Christmas, even for the last-minute buyers. 

Here is an overall holiday shipping timeline of major carriers that include FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL.


Besides, the following shipping checklist will help you ensure a memorable delivery experience for your customers during the holiday rush. 

  • Outline your shipping policy in advance;
  • Use reputable shipping carriers like FedEx or UPS for timely package delivery;
  • Specify shipping charges along with the product information on your eCommerce store;
  • Ensure a seamless post-purchase experience to customers, including an easy return policy and easy tracking.

In the next section, we have listed the holiday shipping timelines for two major global shipping carriers FedEx and UPS. As an eCommerce business owner, if you are looking to streamline your shipping before Christmas, take note of these timelines. 

You can also help your shoppers by publishing these shipping timelines for early dispatch of their gift orders so that they reach the recipients before Christmas. 

FedEx Holiday Shipping Deadline 2020 

FedEx is gearing up for a holiday delivery rush. Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, the carrier has been operating at its peak capacity since March 2020. The momentum is still on with no sign of slowing down.

FedEx will deliver packages even until Christmas Eve. Keep your customers informed about FedEx’s delivery schedule for specific holiday hours. You also need to tell customers that FedEx does not deliver on Christmas due to closure. 

Get international shipping timelines of FedEx by clicking here.

UPS Holiday Shipping Deadline 2020

UPS is planning to ship gift items earlier to beat the holiday rush and make sure to deliver packages before Christmas.

UPS will deliver packages up to Christmas Eve if you meet the following shipping timelines. Again, similar to FedEx, UPS also does not deliver packages on Christmas day because the carrier will be closed too.  

To learn about international shipping timelines of UPS, click here.

Closing Words

Now that you know all the holiday shipping deadlines of major carriers like FedEx and UPS, and the last day to mail parcels for Christmas, you can align your shipping with these schedules. It is crucial that you schedule your shipping cutoff dates for both domestic and international orders.

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