Roundup Of Top 10 Shipping Software Services

The competition in the eCommerce market is steadily heating up. Retail giants like  Amazon now offer order deliveries in a short and rigorous timeframe. With same-day delivery becoming the new norm, small to midsize businesses must act fast. Retailers must consider implementing a shipping software solution to retain their customers and build brand loyalty.

According to market research, package delivery experience affects brand loyalty for 98% of the customers and about 61% of the customers demand quicker delivery times. Also, obtaining a new customer is about 10 times more expensive. Shipping software solutions enable small businesses to bridge the last-mile delivery gap 

 Here are the Top 10 shipping software service providers:

  1. Shipstation
  2. Easyship
  3. ShipperHQ
  4. Shipping easy
  6. Goshippo
  7. Shipbob
  8. Shipworks
  9. Shipmonk
  10. ShippingChimp

1. Shipstation

Infocus: Shipstation is majorly focused on solving the problems for label printing. Shipstation with its multiple packed features that allow custom views, automated tagging, and excellent reporting tools.

Benefits: Shipstation provides multi-channel fulfillment capabilities, connecting merchants to all of their channels at once on a single dashboard. This helps to print and manage their shipments faster and efficiently. Another advantage is the deep shipping discounts for merchants, leveraging the Shipstation’s partnerships with multiple carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc., which results from higher shipment volumes.

Pricing: Shipstation offers its services at prices starting from $9 per month for 50 shipments, to $159 per month for unlimited shipping.

2. Easyship

Infocus: Easyship offers a single-point solution for pick-up, packing, labeling, shipping, and tracking services. It was awarded the “best startup” in Asia by “TechInAsia” in 2015.

Benefits: Easyship is highly useful when it comes to cross-border shipping. It helps in handling duties and allows an easy connection with global carriers. Easyship also offers discounted shipping rates, banking on their huge shipping volumes. The biggest advantage is that it makes crossborder shipping a seamless experience.

Pricing: Easyship services are free for up to 100 shipments per month and the rates extend up to $49 per month for 2500 shipments. There is also an enterprise plan that allows unlimited shipments at negotiable rates.

3. ShipperHQ

Infocus: ShipperHQ, ranked as the world’s No.1 storefront shipping management system. It is especially helpful in allowing them to define vendor locations and assign products to specific vendors. 

Benefits: ShipperHQ helps calculate the best route for shorter delivery time while keeping in mind the available storage locations. This helps in displaying the correct shipping cost and delivery time to the customer, thereby removing major inefficiencies in the process. 

Pricing: ShipperHQ’s pricing plans start from $50 per month to $300 per month for fixed services numbers, while the price is negotiable for availing unlimited shipping services.

4. ShippingEasy

Infocus: ShippingEasy is an eCommerce shipping software that helps in getting the best shipping rates and mass print labels in a short time. It is mainly focussed on solving the shipping problems of small to medium-sized businesses. ShippingEasy helps the merchants navigate the complexities of label generation by allowing them to set the rules according to the origination of their orders.

Benefits: ShippingEasy provides a user-friendly, web-based shipping solution that is embedded with automated labeling and tracking. After integrating the store data with ShippingEasy, the order details automatically get downloaded into the system. 

Pricing: ShippingEasy offers free service for 50 or fewer shipment orders per month. Its premium price slabs range from $29 per month for a maximum of 500 monthly orders to $149 per month for the unlimited enterprise plan. 


Infocus: is a leading provider of Internet-based postage services. Its main aim is to provide all the functions of the post office on a desktop. These include postage stamps to shipping labels from first class to priority mail.

Benefits: helps businesses to manage and print postage at a discount, a feature not readily available at post offices. All that is needed is a computer, printer, and an internet connection. It also helps small businesses, enterprises, and online retailers to print U.S. Postal Service-approved postage. It has PC Postage partnerships with Avery, Microsoft, HP, the USPS.

Pricing: offers its services at prices starting from $18 per month for a single user to $25 per month for multiple users, while its unlimited user plan is negotiable on spot.

6. Goshippo

Infocus: Goshippo helps eCommerce businesses, online marketplaces, and platforms to integrate shipping services with multiple carriers through their enhanced API and web application network. Some of their customers include eBay, Freestyle Solutions, Tuft & Needle, and GoDaddy.

Benefits: Goshippo allows its users to compare shipping rates, generate labels, create international customs documents, return labels, and track parcels. The software’s highlight feature is its faster label printing technology that allows simultaneous connection with all the carriers. It enables tracking and notifications to keep the customers up-to-date with the order details.

Pricing: One of the best features of Goshippo is its pay-as-you-go pricing model. This allows merchants to ship up to 200 orders per month without a monthly fee. They pay five cents plus postage for every order shipped. Higher-volume merchants can subscribe to the Professional plan, which costs just about $125 per month for up to 5,000 shipments.

7. ShipBob

Infocus: ShipBob is well known for its warehousing and fulfillment solutions. It is one of the best modern Third-Party Logistics (3PL) solutions that offers incredibly fast shipping options.

Benefits: ShipBob allows a 2-days or lesser delivery time for customers, without additional costs. It helps manage the inventory levels of products across multiple fulfillment locations. This is done with the use of data analytics that categorizes the orders based on their performance. It also provides custom packaging services, which enhances personalization and customer experience.

Pricing: ShipBob pricing plan is divided according to five main services: receiving ($25 for the first two hours; $35/hour thereafter), storage ($40/pallet/month, $10/shelf/month, or $5 per bin/month), pick and pack (free for the first five picks; 20 cents/pick thereafter), and shipping your orders (varies based on the destination).

8. Shipworks

Infocus: Shipworks is a multi-carrier shipping software that integrates online sales and marketplace systems including eBay, Etsy, PayPal, Amazon and Yahoo. Shipworks is all about operational efficiencies and scalability. 

Benefits: Shipworks brings multiple carrier-specific solutions for the eCommerce world in one place. This makes it easier to manage orders online. Its intelligent software automatically downloads the orders, prints out the domestic and international shipping labels, posts tracking information, and generates detailed reports about business performance. 

Pricing: Shipworks pricing plans start from $49 per month for 1500 shipments to $799 per month for 50,000 shipments. There is also an enterprise plan that allows unlimited shipments at negotiable rates.

9. Shipmonk

Infocus: Shipmonk focuses on eCommerce order fulfillment by providing a personalized and attentive supply chain and inventory management solution. Its multichannel order fulfillment software is targeted at helping SMBs build their brands. It is majorly focused on improving the working of startups and eCommerce businesses.

Benefits: Shipmonk helps businesses achieve scalable growth, powered by its custom API integration solutions. It directly connects to their cart and imports the orders automatically. This is followed by label generation and easy pick, pack, and delivery. 

Pricing: Shipmonk service rates vary from one service to another. It costs $2.5 per order for eCommerce fulfillment, $2 per order for subscription box fulfillment, $2 per order for crowdfunding fulfillment and $2.5 per order for retail fulfillment

10. ShippingChimp

Infocus: ShippingChimp is a cloud-based e-commerce operations platform that helps retailers automatically sync their orders across multiple sales channels. It utilizes the power of its’ built-in sales analytics that allows the retailers to efficiently manage inventory and reduce their shipping costs. It helps in business development by allowing expansion into new selling channels. 

Benefits: ShippingChimp helps in boosting product sales by providing automatic data-backed sales forecasts, anticipating demand surge, and identifying sales opportunities. It integrates orders from various channels to monitor them all in a unified platform.

Pricing: ShippingChimp pricing plans start from just $25 per month for 100 packages.

The Perfect Choice

Shipping software solutions mentioned here provide numerous solutions for increasing the efficiency of package deliveries.  If your business is still in the infancy stage, the choices can be overwhelming. Review your current shipping and fulfillment options. Identify the gaps. Implement the software that works best for your business.

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