Automated invoice audit that effortlessly reduces your shipping cost

Receive shipping refunds for more than 10 carrier errors that include late deliveries, billing errors, incorrect surcharges

No credit card needed Protection Status
In less than 30 seconds integrates with all major carriers

Audit & refunds for 50+ shipping errors

Pay the right shipping price with our automated shipping invoice audit engine. Receive refunds for up to 50 shipping carrier errors effortlessly.

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In-depth shipping analytics

Gain strategic insights about last-mile fulfillment of your orders. Keep a tight rein on shipping expenses by plugging revenue leakages

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Parcel monitoring and performance analysis

Stay on top of the delivery performance of your shipping carrier. Measure and establish the right delivery KPIs with your shipping partner.

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AI powered audit

With the help of homegrown technology, we have developed an automated shipping invoice audit algorithm which performs an efficient & exhaustive audit for service failures


Superior audit at best price

We have an unbeatable pricing model. We are the only service in the industry who can afford to offer our superior service at steal worthy price. This is due to the fact that we are AI powered.


Zero effort required

No programming or logistics knowledge required. Signup and add your shipping carrier credentials, After the initial setup, our algorithms take over the entire invoice audit cycle.

Trusted by businesses of all sizes around the world