DHL Money-Back Guarantee For Late Deliveries

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Automated refunds for every late deliveries by DHL

If DHL makes a delivery later than their commitment time, DHL will refund/credit your shipping account with the shipping charges.

However, the catch is that DHL does not make the process of laying claims to these refunds easy. The process is riddled with complexities. Moreover, If you submit any wrong claim, DHL penalizes by adding a fee to the subsequent invoice.

At AuditShipment, our AI-Driven audit service with the help of intelligent algorithms scrutinizes every shipment and automatically files claims for eligible failures to DHL on your behalf. Signing up with us takes less than a minute, and the DHL refunds for eligible service failures will directly get credited to your shipping account.

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What DHL says about their money-back guarantee?

DHL will, upon the customer’s request and subject to the restrictions described below, provide a credit or a refund of the premium paid by the customer for a DHL Express shipment that is delivered later than DHL’s quoted delivery commitment. DHL’s money-back guarantee (“the Guarantee”) is subject to the following conditions:

A. The Guarantee only applies to the services

  • DHL EXPRESS 9:00,
  • DHL EXPRESS 10:30,
  • DHL EXPRESS 12:00,
  • DHL DOMESTIC EXPRESS 12:00, (each a “Service”) and to shipments which comply fully with the restrictions which are described herein

B. The Guarantee applies to the premium over and above the customer’s price for a standard end of day service (DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE, DHL IMPORT EXPRESS WORLDWIDE, or in the case of domestic shipments, DHL DOMESTIC EXPRESS) (the “Premium”). The Guarantee is exclusive of all other items, including, without limitation, fines, taxes or other charges or amounts (such as any fuel surcharge component), and transportation charges resulting from returned shipments.

C. In the case of multiple piece shipments, the Guarantee will apply to every piece in the shipment. If a late delivery occurs for any piece within the shipment, the credit or refund will be applicable to the entire shipment.

D. Customer must notify DHL of any claim for late delivery, in writing or by telephone, within 14 calendar days of the shipment date and provide DHL with the account number (if any), the waybill number, the date of shipment, and complete receiver information. Within 30 calendar days after customer so notifies DHL, DHL shall either:

  • provide the customer with the credit or refund
  • provide the customer with information explaining the reason that the shipment is not eligible for the Guarantee under the applicable limitations or exclusions, or
  • provide the customer with evidence of timely delivery.
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