Reduce your shipping costs. Instantly.

Save 1000s of dollars in 3 simple steps

Save thousands of dollars on your FedEx,UPS and DHL invoices
  1. Create
    Create an AuditShipment account with your Email. No sign up fee or set up fee. Don’t worry there are no lock-in contracts either. You pay us only when we recover refunds for you. Our pricing is simple and transparent.

  2. Connect
    Add your shipping carriers online billing credentials to your account. Major carriers such as FedEx, UPS , DHL offer a provision to view and pay invoices online. To integrate automatically with your shipping carrier, the login information of these online portals is required.

  3. Count your refunds
    Our algorithms automatically start processing your shipments and audit them for service failures such as package delays, incorrect surcharges, billing errors etc. After scrutinizing every entry on your invoice, our system disputes these errors with your shipping carriers. Once these claims are approved by your shipping carriers, they are added to your FedEx/UPS/DHL account.
Start claiming refunds

More reasons to ❤️

Zero subscription charges

We charge you a portion of the successful refunds that we recover on your behalf. There is no other fee.

Zero hiccup integration

Integration with takes less than 30 seconds. It does not require any changes to your existing business process.

Zero effort required

After the initial setup, our algorithms take over the entire invoice audit cycle. It is an all-time-on process that saves upto 16% of shipping costs.

Unlimited Shipments tracked

Regardless of the shipping volume or shipping carrier mix, monitor all your shipments on a single platform.

Function specific reports

Gain access to invoice audit insights report and dashboard that monitors relevant and impactful metrics.

Unlimited support

We are here to maximise your savings on your shipping costs 24/7. Anytime All time.