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What are the commonly committed shipping carrier errors?

The most frequently committed service failures that are eligible for refunds are :
Late Deliveries, Duplicate Billing, Void shipments, Incorrect surcharges, Address correction charges, Lost and Damaged shipments

When will I start seeing refunds in my shipping account?

After signing up with, our system will start processing your shipments immediately. Eligible claim request will be submitted automatically. On approval from the carrier, refunds will be added to your account.

What are the shipping carriers that AuditShipment integrates with?

We readily integrate with almost all the global shipping carriers including FedEx,UPS and DHL.

What information do I need to signup with you?

We would require your shipping carrier online account details such as Username and Password. If you ship using more than one carrier, you may add them as well.

Is my data safe?

The data that you share with us is stored in 256 bit SSL encrypted format. We use world’s leading data storage platform and consider customer data security as our highest priority. We use multiple monitoring systems to alert our operations team on any anomalies in the data access request pattern.

How can I cancel my AuditShipment account?

You can cancel your AuditShipment account by dropping an email to [email protected] We will initiate the cancellation process.