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  • Recovered $8.26 for delayed TNT for late delivery
  • Recovered $6.13 for DIM weight pricing error from TNT
  • Claimed $14.54 from TNT for late delivery
  • Claimed $10.12 for incorrect address correction charge from TNT

TNT late delivery claims and refunds

Did you know according to TNT money back guarantee you can receive refunds for late deliveries? TNT offers money back guarantee for time definite and day definite services. However, businesses do not have the time or resources to file TNT claim requests for these services.’s audit engine effortlessly helps businesses claim their TNT refunds. Our advanced algorithm scrutinises every line on your TNT invoice and disputes overcharges and errors with TNT. Signing up with is completely online and takes less than a minute.

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TNT shipments eligible for refunds

TNT issues refunds for shipments that were delivered late. In addition to offering refunds for guaranteed deliveries, TNT also compensates for overcharges or errors such as incorrect surcharges, inaccurate address correction charges etc.

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What TNT says about their money-back guarantee?

  • Refunds will be provided based on the service definitions on the specific service selected at payment; please review your service definition.
  • Please note that refunds can’t be processed for any consequential loss.
  • Should a refund be appropriate, it shall be made back to the payment method originally used to book the transaction or into a prepay account with - refunds can only be processed to the contracted party who booked the order.
  • Refunds to PrePay can take 1-2 working days to process.
  • Refunds to the original payment method can take 5-7 working days, as all refunds must undergo a process to ensure that no collection took place.
  • You have a maximum of 28 days from the date the order was placed to request a refund.

Source: TNT Website

Guaranteed Services:

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With, you can receive TNT refunds in 3 simple steps:

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Frequently Asked Questions

All About our TNT Refunds and Auditing

TNT issues refund requests for delivery delays, damages, lost packages. Also, any discrepancy in the Canada Post invoice can be disputed.

TNT claims must be disputed within 21 days from the date of shipping your package.
TNT refunds appear as credits on your online invoice when approved in 7-10 days from the date of the dispute.

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Claim Your Refunds in less than 7 days through smart audit

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