Unified platform
to track all your
Track and monitor package deliveries across different carriers on a single platform
Stay on top of your final-mile delivery with the help of instant package delivery notification
Improve your customer engagement by offering a branded tracking page
Proactively handle delivery exceptions to provide a superior brand experience

The automated package
tracking solution

Real Time Shipment Tracking

Piles of shipping data. And yet when customers call to know whereabouts of their package. Your support team has no clue. Our tracking solution turns shipping data into contextually relevant information. Be in the know of transit status of all your shipments. Predict delivery exceptions and handle delivery issues even before they happen.

Don’t let WISMO calls burden your support team

Manage with ease “ Where is my order?” distress inquiries from customers. Update your customer in real-time about the status of their order delivery. Notify every time there is a delivery exception such as delays, lost or damaged. Stay on top of all package deliveries at all times

Gain a deeper understanding of future shipments

Learn from delivery trends which shipments are likely to be delayed. Revise order delivery times to set the right expectation from buyers. Exercise greater control over final-mile order fulfillment strategy.

Explore 20+ surcharge claims

Build Positive Brand Experience

Continue to engage with your customers even after the purchase is complete Provide order status and tracking updates with a single click URL. Establish your brand identity by directing customers to your website

Why Must Your Business
Choose AuditShipment?

We have a customer first approach. Hence we pass on most of the benefits that we gain from recovering refunds to businesses that partner with us.

We are the only service in the industry who can afford to offer our superior service at steal worthy price. This is due to the fact that we are completely automated. Our algorithms recover claims and there is no manual intervention.

Start recovering refunds

In less than 30 seconds integrates with all major carriers