Automated Small Parcel Auditing

Technology driven auditing helps you recover upto 16% shipping costs

Why audit your shipping invoice?

Every major carriers' such as FedEx, UPS, DHL invoices are teeming with errors such as delays, incorrect surcharges, duplicate billing errors. It is almost impossible to manually identify each and every error. AuditShipment AI-powered algorithms quickly examine hundreds of thousands of invoices within minutes. Our audit engine brings to surface all overcharges, discrepancies and service failures. AuditShipment’s intuitive reports can help drive strategic decision making for the logistics team.

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Small Parcel Auditing


  • No error goes undetected
    Uncover every hidden cost and error in your shipping invoice. Our parcel auditing algorithms read every line on your shipping invoice to identify all potential savings.

  • Win negotiations hands down
    Shipping carriers such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL always have an upper hand at the negotiation table. But with AuditShipment, your business can now gain access to shipping benchmark reports built from 150 shipping data points across geographies.

  • Save upto 16% of your shipping costs
    Boost your bottom-line effortlessly. Focus on scaling your business as our non-intrusive service does the heavy lifting on optimizing your shipping cost.
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Refunds for Late shipments and errors in Residential charges, Address correction charges, Cancelled manifests for FedEx & UPS

At AuditShipment, our automated parcel auditing algorithm audits your invoice for a whole spectrum of shipping carrier errors that include:

Late deliveries

Most global shipping carriers such as FedEx, UPS and DHL charge a premium for delivering packages on time. However, there is no single software to monitor SLA breaches. AuditShipment monitors every single service failure and brings to attention your shipping carrier’s performance against SLA.

Duplicate entry

Quite often, when a shipment is billed more than once, it is easily overlooked. With automated small parcel audit service, scouring through 1000s of tracking numbers to detect anomalies is really simple.

Dimensional weight errors

Most businesses are unaware of the complex calculation behind the DIM weight pricing. This acts as a major deterrent to identify discrepancies.With an algorithmic approach, it is easier to break down complexity and gain visibility.

Invalid address correction

Wrong address specification on a package could be a cause of penalty fee. However, in certain instances these charges are applied incorrectly. Zeroing on these charges and recovering them is critical.

Unused manifests

Shipping labels that have not been used in a long time and have been left uncancelled make upto 1-2% of your shipping costs.

Incorrect Surcharge

Surcharges such as fuel charges are volatile and are mandated based on the daily fuel rates. Continuously monitoring if the correct charges have been applied is crucial to keep a tab on shipping spend.

25 more small parcel auditing points and services
Incorrect Discount/Charges (Not compliant with your negotiated contract)
Lost and Damaged Claims
Undeliverable Returns Visibility
Large Package Surcharge - (additional handling)
Incorrectly billed 3rd Party Shipments
Late Payment Fee Visibility
Saturday Delivery and Pick-Up Validation
Invalid Account Number Usage
Return Service Labels not used (RSV, RTL, RSL, ARS)
Commercial/Residential Adjustments
Additional Handling Charges
Delivery Area Surcharge (D.A.S./Extended D.A.S./Rural)
Special Contract consideration verification
International Import and Export
Many other miscellaneous Accessorial adjustments
Incorrectly Billed Collect Shipments
ASD (Advanced Shipment Documents) with no weight entered