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If you are shipping through Canpar, then you must recover refunds for late deliveries. Receive automated refunds for delayed Canpar shipments with

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  • Recovered $8.26 for delayed Canpar for late delivery
  • Recovered $6.13 for DIM weight pricing error from Canpar
  • Claimed $14.54 from Canpar for late delivery
  • Claimed $10.12 for incorrect address correction charge from Canpar

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Most businesses that ship through Canpar are not aware of the Canpar money-back guarantee policy for delayed deliveries. Canpar offers refunds for guaranteed delivery types whenever they are late. But recovering refunds from Canpar is a laborious process.’s audit engine effortlessly files claims for eligible Canpar delayed packages. In addition to delayed deliveries, other overcharges such as inaccurate surcharges, invoicing errors are also identified on your Canpar invoice. Signing up with is completely online and takes less than a minute.

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Audit for Canpar delays and more

AuditShipment helps businesses to receive refunds for delayed Canpar packages. On top of that, our audit service conducts an in-depth audit of invoice errors and SLA compliance.This helps businesses save up to 16% of their shipping costs effortlessly.

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What Canpar says about their money-back guarantee?

Canpar Express will, upon a customer's request, provide either a refund or credit of the customer's transportation charges, for an outbound Canadian Select, Express, or Priority package/shipment that is delivered after the Canpar Express guaranteed delivery commitment time. .

Within 30 calendar days after customer notifies Canpar Express, Canpar Express shall provide one of the following:

  • Provide customer with the refund or credit;
  • Provide customer with evidence of timely delivery; or
  • Provide customer with information explaining the reason that the shipment is not eligible for the guarantee under the applicable limitations or exclusions

Guaranteed Services:

Canpar Express
Canpar express select

U.S. Canpar Express

Canpar select USA

Canpar Express international

Canpar Express 10 AM

Canpar Express noon

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With, you can receive Canpar refunds in 3 simple steps:

1. Make sure you have an online Canpar account

2. Link your Canpar username and password with

3. Start receiving refunds on your Canpar invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

All About our canpar claims and refunds

Canpar issues refunds request for delivery delays, damages, lost packages. Also, any discrepancy in the canpar invoice can be disputed.

Canpar claims must be disputed within 30 days from the date of shipping your package.
Canpar refunds appear as credits on your online invoice when approved in 7-10 days from the date of the dispute.

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