Demystify your
shipping costs with
intuitive analytics
Get a 360-degree view of key factors that shape your shipping expenditure for effective last-mile logistics cost optimization.
Compare shipping tariffs, rate discounts, carrier performances by evaluating them against industry benchmark rates.
Stay cognizant of discrepancies in your shipping invoice to plug any leakages in the form of overcharges or erroneous billing.
Derive critical insights about package delivery such as cost of shipping to different destinations, on-time delivery performance rate, economic shipping service options.

Single source of truth for shipments
across different carriers

Shipping Reports & Analytics

AuditShipment’s Dashboard offers a single consolidated view of your overall shipping profile. Get a quick peek into the state of your package deliveries. From tracking your shipping costs to hunting down anomalies on your shipping invoice. All shipping information is a click away. Take advantage of custom views and contextual suggestions.

Assess day to day performance of various shipping carriers

It is critical to evaluate the delivery performance of your shipping carriers. Especially when you pay a premium to provide top-notch delivery service. Drill down into instances of delays, duration of each delay, possible reasons for service failure with this report. Map out accounts and service types that have a higher incidence of delivery delays.

Gain a new level of visibility into invoice discrepancies

Surcharges such as incorrect address correction charges, delivery area surcharge, inaccurate third-party charges, erroneous fuel charges can seep into your invoice and collectively inflate your shipping costs. Surcharge report surfaces even the minutest of excesses hurting your bottom line. This allows you to get a handle on your shipping expense before it spirals out of control.

Explore 20+ surcharge claims

Get your shipping expenditure back on track

It is tough to stick to shipping budget. Shipping costs are too unpredictable to conform to a shipping expense plan. AuditShipment’s package delivery cost tracker helps you put a lid on expensive shipping choices. Track, monitor and compare shipping costs to standardize the expenditure. With a deeper frame of reference, categorize shipments into average, high, low-cost shipments.

Explore invoice error claims

Keep a tight rein on invoice excesses

Get instantly notified of any discrepancies on your shipping invoices. Analyze overcharges by categorizing them based on service type, service failure type, and shipping carrier account. Reconcile delivery schedule by evaluating the actual delivery date against the order delivery estimate.

Why Must Your Business
Choose AuditShipment?

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We are the only service in the industry who can afford to offer our superior service at steal worthy price. This is due to the fact that we are completely automated. Our algorithms recover claims and there is no manual intervention.

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