How we're superior?

At AuditShipment, we collate cutting-edge technology with logistics expertise to formulate a Super-efficient Shipping invoice audit process. Our mission is to share the benefits of this home grown technology with shippers across the globe. Shipping carrier invoices are least understood, non-uniform across businesses and have varying levels of complexities. We believe in helping businesses focus on scaling their operations, while we dedicatedly work towards optimising their shipping expenditure through automated audits.

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Why Must Your Business Choose AuditShipment?

Homegrown technology

We are a homegrown technology shipping invoice audit service. This ensures that our service never misses any claim and performs an exhaustive audit for 10+ service failures including late deliveries, billing errors, Incorrect surcharges, etc.,

Scale as we save

We are a dedicated shipping audit service. Our sole mission is to help businesses save upto 16% of their shipping costs and work as an extended logistics arm. This allows businesses to stay focused on scaling their operations.

Superior audit at best price

We have an unbeatable pricing model. We are the only service in the industry who can afford to offer our superior service at steal worthy price. This is due to the fact that we are completely automated. Our algorithms recover claims and there is no manual intervention.

Enjoy a white-glove service

We have a customer first approach. Hence we pass on most of the benefits that we gain from recovering refunds to businesses that partner with us.