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Is your FedEx package delivered late? Effortlessly save up to 16% of FedEx shipping costs with AuditShipment’s automated parcel audit software.

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  • Recovered $8.26 for delayed FedEx for late delivery
  • Recovered $6.13 for DIM weight pricing error from FedEx
  • Claimed $14.54 from FedEx for late delivery
  • Claimed $10.12 for incorrect address correction charge from FedEx

FedEx Refunds for Late Deliveries & Shipping Invoice Errors

According to FedEx money-back guarantee, every time FedEx delivers your package ( Ground or Express) later than the committed time, FedEx promises to refund the entire shipping cost.

Every time FedEx delivers your package later than the committed time, FedEx promises to refund/credit the entire shipping cost.

However, FedEx does not make the process of claiming refunds easy. FedEx refunds your shipping cost only when a claim request is submitted. The timeframe within which the requests need to be filed is limited to 15 days from the date of invoice generation.

This, in turn, adds layers of complexity to the refund recovery process for late deliveries. Businesses find it exceptionally hard, time-consuming to claim the money that they are entitled to receive.

At AuditShipment, we have built an automated audit system that continuously monitors your packages for late deliveries and disputes eligible service failures with FedEx on your behalf. Signing up with us takes less than a minute, and the FedEx refunds for eligible service failures are directly credited to your FedEx shipping account.

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What are the errors that are uncovered in the FedEx audit?

Your FedEx invoice can have up to 50 invoicing errors and service failures. All these overcharges or mistakes are eligible for refund claims.

The errors range from refunds for late deliveries to invoicing errors such as incorrect application for surcharges, address correction charges, residential surcharges, etc.

Our in-depth audit not only reports the various errors on your invoice but also offers intuitive suggestions that improve the overall shipping cost optimization.

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What FedEx says about their money-back guarantee?

At our option, we will, upon request, either refund or credit your transportation charges in the event of a service failure (which means delivery of your package 60 seconds or more after the published delivery commitment time for the selected service and destination, except as otherwise described in these terms and conditions). This money-back guarantee is your exclusive remedy in the event of a service failure for the recovery of all or any portion of the FedEx charges for a shipment. If the money-back guarantee is suspended, there is no remedy or recovery of charges for a service failure. There are no delivery commitments for shipments on which the money-back guarantee is suspended.

Source: FedEx Website

Services Eligible For FedEx Money Back Guarantee:

FedEx Ground

FedEx Home Delivery

FedEx Ground

FedEx Date Certain Home Delivery

FedEx Evening Home Delivery

FedEx Appointment Home Delivery

FedEx Express ( International )

FedEx International First

FedEx International Next Flight

FedEx International Priority

FedEx International Priority Freight

FedEx International Economy

FedEx International Economy Freight

FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution

FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution Freight

FedEx International Premium

Other Services

FedEx First Overnight

FedEx Priority Overnight

FedEx Standard Overnight

FedEx 2Day

FedEx 2Day A.M.

FedEx Express Saver

FedEx First Overnight Freight

FedEx 1Day Freight

FedEx 2Day Freight

FedEx 3Day Freight

FedEx SameDay City

File a FedEx Claim :

FedEx processes refunds only on request. With AuditShipment, receiving refunds from FedEx is simple.

1. Activate FedEx Online Billing option

2. Link your FedEx username and password with

3. Start receiving refunds on your FedEx invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

All About our Fedex Refunds and Auditing

There are more than 50 FedEx carrier errors that are eligible for refunds. To name a few: Service level exceptions such as delivery delays, lost packages, damaged shipments and Invoice errors such as incorrect address correction charges, Dimensional weight pricing errors etc

According to the terms stated in the FedEx money-back guarantee: All requests for refund or credit of transportation charges must be Submitted within 15 calendar days of the invoice date
Once the claim is approved, the refunds will appear as adjustments on your FedEx invoice in 7-10 business days.

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