UPS Money-Back Guarantee For Late Deliveries

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  • Recovered $8.26 for delayed UPS for late delivery
  • Recovered $6.13 for DIM weight pricing error from UPS
  • Claimed $14.54 from UPS for late delivery
  • Claimed $10.12 for incorrect address correction charge from UPS

UPS Money-Back Guarantee For Late Deliveries

Similar to FedEx money-back guarantee, UPS also offers a guaranteed service refund (GSR) on packages delivered late. If your package is late by even 60 seconds, UPS will refund/credit your shipping account with entire shipping charges.

Although the mandate looks straight forward, the UPS refund recovery process is quite complex. The 3 fold process comprises of identifying the service failures, segregating the delivery exceptions that are eligible for refunds and finally disputing valid UPS claims. Businesses are time-strapped as well as fall short of resources to undertake this cumbersome process. has the solution for this. Our automated audit system continuously examines your packages claims refunds from UPS for service failures as well as invoicing errors. Signing up with us takes less than a minute, and the UPS refunds recovered will directly get credited to your UPS shipping account.

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What are the errors that are eligible for refunds from UPS?

Our algorithms have been programmed to audit your UPS invoice for errors at service level as well as invoice level. Some of the UPS service failure that are eligible for claims are listed here:

  • Late deliveries
  • Address correction
  • Duplicate charges
  • Surcharge errors and 20 more

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What UPS says about their money-back guarantee?

Where the money-back guarantee operates, if we deliver outside our time commitment on applicable services, we will on request refund or credit you with the shipping charges (or the proportionate part of those where only some of the packages in a shipment fail to meet the applicable time limit), net of any VAT, duties, taxes or levies.

Source: UPS Website

Guaranteed services:

UPS guarantees on-schedule delivery of shipments shipped via the following services

UPS Domestic

UPS Air Services

UPS Hundredweight Service Air Services

UPS 3 Day Select

UPS Hundredweight Service

UPS 3 Day Select

UPS Ground

UPS Ground with Freight Pricing

UPS Hundredweight Service Ground

UPS International

UPS Worldwide Express Plus

UPS Worldwide Express NA1

UPS Worldwide Express

UPS Worldwide Express FreightSM

UPS Worldwide Saver

UPS Worldwide Expedited

UPS 3 Day Select from Canada

UPS Standard

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Receiving UPS refunds with AuditShipment is easy.

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3. Start receiving refunds on your UPS invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

All About our UPS Refunds and Auditing

There are more than 50 UPS carrier errors that are eligible for refunds. To name a few: Service level exceptions such as delivery delays, lost packages, damaged shipments and Invoice errors such as incorrect address correction charges, Dimensional weight pricing errors etc

UPS claims must be disputed within 15 days from the date of shipping your package.
UPS usually takes 7-10 business days after dispute to add credits to your shipping invoice.

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