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We are a dedicated shipping audit platform. Our sole mission is to help businesses save upto 16% of their shipping costs
Uncover every hidden cost and error in your shipping invoice. Our parcel auditing algorithms read every line on your shipping invoice to identify all potential savings.
Secure refunds that you are entitled to with our homegrown technology. Do not let any claim fall through the cracks with our rigorous secondary claim processes in place.
Boost your bottom-line effortlessly. Focus on scaling your business as our non-intrusive service does the heavy lifting on optimizing your shipping cost.

Our automated algorithms
audits your invoice for a whole
spectrum of shipping carrier errors

Data backed parcel auditing platform

AuditShipment leverages data analytics to enhance, automate and improve shipping invoice audit process. Using technological competence, businesses can now experience an effective and efficient way to optimize their shipping costs.

Delivery Exceptions

Our intelligent algorithms automatically identifies package delivery issues and claims for money-back. You can measure service performances of your shipping carrier such as order delivery delay, lost orders, damaged shipments at a granular level. Compare delivery performances across shipping carriers for different geographies.

Incorrect Surcharges

Surcharges are added by shipping carriers over and above the original shipping quote. This fee is loosely based on package volume and destination to which orders are shipped. Shipping invoices are prone to more than 20 carrier errors that includes fuel surcharges, residential delivery fee, saturday delivery fee and such.

Explore 20+ surcharge claims

Invoicing errors

Shipping carriers rollout hundreds of thousands of invoices day after day. These invoices are auto generated. This results in a significantly high probability of invoicing mistakes. Manually scrutinizing your invoice is tedious. With AuditShiment, stop overpaying on your invoices from shipping carriers. Receive an accurate shipping fee devoid of erroneous accessorial charges or duplicate billing errors. Instantly reduce overhead expenses to effortlessly drive down your overall logistics costs.

Explore invoice error claims

Dim Weight pricing errors

Dimensional weight pricing is complex, volatile and non uniform. These factors act as major deterrent to spot DIM weight pricing errors for large shipping data set. Automatically identify deep-seated complex carrier error with the aid of our robust auditing service. Shift your focus from performing monotonous tasks to solving key problems that directly impact your supply chain efficiency.

Why Must Your Business
Choose AuditShipment?

We have a customer first approach. Hence we pass on most of the benefits that we gain from recovering refunds to businesses that partner with us.

We are the only service in the industry who can afford to offer our superior service at steal worthy price. This is due to the fact that we are completely automated. Our algorithms recover claims and there is no manual intervention.

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In less than 30 seconds integrates with all major carriers