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The process of recovering refunds for Canada Post shipments is the most complicated. The refunds have to be recovered one tracking number at a time. Besides that, in case of wrong submissions a penalty fee is applied. This calls for tighter audit process.

At AuditShipment, with years of logistics expertise, we are in a special position to have the necessary knowledge of errors that are eligible for recovery. Our advanced technology has also been developed to contest the right charges with Canada Post. Over the years we have perfected the algorithm to strike a fine balance between precision and agility. With AuditShipment, businesses eliminate wasting time and resources on redundant claim submission process.

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Not Just Delays, Audit For More Than 50 Errors

Service level performance failures directly impact your profitability. And the instances of service failures for Canada Post shipments are significantly more than other shipping carriers. Our preliminary audit reveals all service level failures on your Canada Post invoice. At the secondary level we take a deep dive into analyzing Dim Weight pricing errors, accessorial surcharges etc.

Our automated software does most of the heavy lifting for your logistics team. While you focus on scaling operations. You can be rest assured that Canada Post invoices are thoroughly being scrutinized. On top of that, we also provide root cause analysis that determines the probable reasons behind service failures or over charges.

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Delivering Superior Quality Canada Post Invoice Audit
Late deliveries, Billing Mistakes and 50 Others

How do we audit your Canada Post invoice?

  • You share your Canada Post credentials at the time of account setup.
  • Our algorithms start processing shipments from your Canada Post online invoice.
  • Instantly receive notifications on potential cost recovery areas.
  • Receive your credits in your Canada Post shipping account

Where are your Canada Post refunds?

Canada Post credits or adjustments that we uncover on your behalf appears directly on your future Canada Post invoice. Usually, it takes up to 1 week for the credits to appear from the time of filing a dispute. The adjustments are automatically deducted from the shipping fee due for payment.

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