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With our automated audit service, you don’t stop at visualizing savings or reading reports on potential cost recovery avenues. From service performance audit to shipping invoice audit, we’ve got you covered. You start receiving refunds in a week’s time from your shipping carrier.

With AuditShipment, drive down your shipping costs for packages shipped through FedEx, UPS, DHL, Canada Post, Purolator, UKMail, DPD, Royal Mail.

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Go Beyond Refunds

AuditShipment analytics platform acts an extended logistics arm - feeding you with actionable supply chain intelligence. Shipping to a
destination costing you dear? Or deciding on the optimal distribution centre location proving tough?
Auditshipment is the one stop analytics solution to all your Final-Mile logistics needs.

Pay the right shipping rate

You need an exhaustive and in-depth shipping invoice audit. Not a superficial audit that reports only the obvious errors. Did you know that there are more than 50 billing errors ( Delays, Surcharges, Address correction charges etc) that are regularly committed by shipping carriers? Disputing a handful of package delays is not enough.

With AuditShipment’s AI-Powered Algorithm, you can be rest assured that every line on your invoice is closely scrutinized and every overcharge is disputed. So chances of overpaying on your shipping costs - Zero.

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Superior Audit at Best Price

Our AI-Powered audit identifies more than 50 carrier errors on your shipping invoice almost instantly. Additionally, our business intelligence platform empowers shippers with key last-mile logistics metrics.


Shift Your Focus To Scaling Up

Watch our automated audit engine turn piles of data into meaningful information. While you grow your business, Auditshipment does the heavy lifting of tracking down your shipping excesses.


100% Data Security

We take security very seriously. All customer files are stored in a secure format using SSL level encryption standard. Auditshipment is a 100% automated service. Hence there is zero manual intervention.

In less than 30 seconds integrates with all major carriers