Why should you audit your FedEx shipping Invoice?

Your FedEx invoice comprises of up to 8 charges added to your base FedEx rate. To name a few, accessorial charges, address correction fee, delivery area surcharge and such. Each of these charges has to be examined thoroughly. It is a huge time sink for businesses to go over each line on your FedEx invoice.

AuditShipment does the heavy lifting for you while you focus on scaling your business. Our AI-Driven algorithms identify service level performance failures as well as invoicing errors. This ensures that businesses pay the right shipping price.

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What are the errors that are uncovered in the audit?

Your FedEx invoice can have up to 50 invoicing errors and service failures. All these overcharges or mistakes are eligible for refund claims.

The errors range from refunds for late deliveries to invoicing errors such as incorrect application for surcharges, address correction charges, residential surcharges, etc.

Our in-depth audit not only reports the various errors on your invoice but also offers intuitive suggestions that improve the overall shipping cost optimization.

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How do we audit your FedEx invoice?

At AuditShipment the process of auditing your FedEx invoice is 100% automated. There is zero manual intervention.

So how does it work?

  • You share your FedEx credentials at the time of account setup.
  • Our algorithms start processing shipments from your FedEx online invoice.
  • Instantly receive notifications on potential cost recovery areas.
  • Receive your credits in your FedEx shipping account

Where are your FedEx refunds?

FedEx credits or adjustments that we uncover on your behalf appears directly on your current or future FedEx invoice. Usually, it takes up to 1 week for the credits to appear from the time of filing a dispute. The adjustments are automatically deducted from the shipping fee due for payment.

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