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When you ship more than thousands of UPS packages in a week, it is impossible to verify if you are charged correctly for each and every package. Moreover, the process of contesting overcharges is convoluted. Hence businesses never claim the money that they are entitled to.

AuditShipment is a platform that has been built ground up to automatically audit your UPS invoices. With AuditShipment’s superior technology, errors hidden in your UPS invoice are uncovered instantly. The errors are also automatically contested with UPS so as to help businesses optimize their shipping costs effortlessly.

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Not Just Refunds But Critical Shipping Insights

At AudtShipment we have 2 tier approach to our UPS auditing process.

The first tier auditing process includes identifying basic failures at service level. This usually reveals uncompensated late delivery refunds, unused shipping manifest charges, incorrect dimensional weight pricing and such. These errors are commonly found across all UPS shipping accounts.

The second tier involves more in-depth auditing. This includes specifically assessing your UPS shipping costs and evaluating it against the industry benchmark. At this stage, We also makes suggestions to improve delivery efficiency and potential cost recovery opportunities.

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Easy Setup Process

At AuditShipment the process of auditing your UPS invoice is 100% automated. There is zero manual intervention.

So how does it work?

  • You share your UPS credentials at the time of account setup.
  • Our algorithms start processing shipments from your UPS online invoice.
  • Instantly receive notifications on potential cost recovery areas.
  • Watch your UPS refunds grow

What you see is what you get

It takes up to 7 days for your UPS claims to be approved. Once they are confirmed, they are directly added to your UPS account. The credits appear as adjustments on your current or future UPS invoice. Successive UPS payments can be made after discounting the adjustments added to your UPS invoice.

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Why Must Your Business Choose AuditShipment?

Always-on Audit Process

No changes to current business process or relationship with FedEx

Zero effort required after the initial setup

100% Safe and Secure process